Shadow work Affirmations Achieve Goals. Shadow work helps you manage negative energy.
Use Shadow work Affirmations to Achieve Goals. Shadow work helps you manage negative energy.

Shadow Work Clears Obstacles to Complete Goals, Dreams, and Projects.

This article will teach you self-talk strategies to speed up your success. This is lesson six of Do It Now, Productivity and Personal Development Coaching.

Have you ever stopped, slowed yourself with negative thinking or negative energy? Have you ever heard those messages that say you cannot do that? Or you start a big project and this mental message you get says, “I don’t know if you can make that happen. There are going to be a lot of obstacles. You are

going to have a lot of problems. Why don’t you watch some TV instead?”

Are you willing to admit to yourself that these things happen to you?

Meet your Shadow Self!

Do you ever see other people and make a judgment based on how they look or how they sound? Do you have internal reactions to people of different races or countries of origin?

These are all examples of our negative or dark side personality traits. Our negative personality traits have come from our Shadow side or Shadow Self. Carl Jung said our Shadow Side is those negative personality traits we repress or push down.

Our shadow self IS negative energy. It can stop us when we want to do something exciting. What if you have never made a million bucks in a year before, and you set a goal to make a million dollars in a year. Your Shadow Self is going to say things like “

You cannot do that. You are not going to be able to do that. Are you qualified to do that?”

Shadow Self will NOT help you achieve goals or achieve the dreams that you want to achieve.

Your Shadow Self can stop you because you can start believing those messages in your brain.

Meet your shadow self

We hear those messages all the time, and those messages are from our shadow side or shadow self.

Before we get into the shadow side, let’s talk about other messages we sometimes get in our brain as well. Do you ever give yourself positive messages? Like, “I can do this, I got this”, or” I am determined”.

You set up a project, you set up a goal and you work on it step by step. You hear that negative voice in your brain, but you put this other voice that says,” I can do this. I know I can do this. I have done this before. I’ve done something like this before I’ve learned what I need to learn to do this.” You go forward despite the negative self-talk that is going on.

These positive first-person statements that support your goals are affirmations.

Would you like to get control of your Self Talk? Do you want more control and your progress forward? Is achieving your goals important?

Clear Your Path and Climb to Dreams Achieved using Shadow Work and Affirmations.

You can learn how and use Shadow Work and Affirmations to clear the path and to climb to your dreams. And here is how. First, let us talk about what shadow work is and what your shadow side is.

What is your Shadow Self or Shadow Side?

The first question is what is your shadow? Your shadow is the dark side of your personality. Carl Jung said we all have a shadow side of personal qualities or traits that we repress, or we ignore.

Those dark personality traits make up your shadow.

Your Shadow Self can STOP your Success!

Self Talk Plan

Your Shadow Side can:

· Discourage

· Suck your energy.

· Distract focus.

· Stop positive action.

· Create a negative attitude.

Your shadow side can affect your moods, your actions, and how you interact with other people. It is there all the time. So, we want to be aware of that shadow. We do not have to become that shadow self, but those are traits we all have. We do not have to BE those traits.

We choose who we are, but yes. Those things can affect you. If you are not aware that they’re affecting you, they’ll affect you more. Be aware of your Shadow Self and your negative traits of personality that could affect you. Uncover negative personality traits and shine the light on them.

What is shadow work?

Self Talk using Shadow Work and Affirmations
Shadow Work and Powerful Affirmations Equals Success.

Shadow work is a process of uncovering your dark personality traits. It’s shining the light on your dark personal traits.

Shadow Work Worksheet

Here is what Carl Young said about Shadow Work objectives..

 “Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darkness of other people. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious. The most terrifying thing is accepting oneself completely.

Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart who looks outside dreams who looks inside awakes. One other thing he says here that helps with this attitude is we cannot change anything until we accept it. Condemnation does not liberate it oppresses.”

Shadow Work helps you shine the light on your personal darkness.

Projection is a negative personality Trait that Comes from our Shadow Self

What he is describing here is when you find these negative self traits in yourself. Traits like jealousy, envy, or reacting to the actions of other people. You notice they are doing it and realize it’s exactly what you do. That is projection. Projection is you seeing your own negative personality traits in others.

It is okay to acknowledge negative personality traits. To understand them doesn’t mean you have to accept them as who you are. It means that when you see that trait come out for example, “Oh my gosh. I’m jealous of that guy. Look that I have this jealousy in there. There it comes again. There is my shadow side. Talking again.”

You can let it pass. A person told this story about their Shadow Work. They met a couple and they talked about how they named their baby using letters from their own names. And the person talks about, and the article, how they immediately had a judgment come in their head.

“Oh, how pretentious.” But then they dropped that judgment very and they put it up to the fact that they had been doing shadow work. They have been working on knowing that they had those kinds of judgments pop up. Oh, there it is. And then they could ignore it. It doesn’t have to become part of their permanent judgment.

And in the article, the person who talked about their conversation went fine. They have a great relationship with those folks.

How to do Shadow Work and Stalk your Shadow Self

Self-Talk Plan using Shadow Work and Powerful Affirmations tutorial
Shadow Work and Affirmations are Powerful Tools!
Shadow Work and Affirmations Worksheet

Shadow work is your process to reduce the power of your dark personality traits. Use this process to clear your path to success and climb to your dreams,

You can observe your Shadow Side in a couple of ways. One of them is tracking or stalking. In other words, when you see your shadow popping in and giving you input, make a note of it.

You can make a note of it on an audio journal or a digital journal or a written journal. It was telling me how to tell other people how to drive. I was getting triggered.

Other people’s actions on the highway were upsetting me. I was getting triggered by political commentary on the radio. Talk about how your shadow affects you and interacts with you.

Shadow Work and Affirmations are support systems for Goals.

Set Goals using THIS tutorial and support those goals with Shadow Work and Affirmations.

Journaling helps you shine the light on your shadow. Shine your light on how it is interacting with you during the day. And it takes away the power and the fear. Stalk or hunt for your shadow self. Know your Shadow Self and take away its’ control or power over you. Recognize it, understand it, while NOT buying into it.

Another way to do shadow work is to use journaling shadow prompts. I provide 15 or more in the link down below to the blog article that we have on shadow work.

What Are Shadow Prompts?

shadow prompts are questions that you use when journaling to help you expose your shadow. Expose how your shadow is affecting you. Expose how your shadow Is hindering you or hurting you. Here is an example of a few shadow prompts.

Shadow Prompts with Journaling Ares

Do you notice other people with the same negative or dark side habits as you have? Have you acknowledged your negative traits?

Use Shadow Prompts and Journal to Stalk or catch yourself using Projection.

Have you noticed your negative traits exposed and other people? the trait you don’t want anybody to know about this is projection and people do it all the time.

You get upset about what other people are doing and. You look in the mirror and you realize they were showing a mirror up of you.

Here is what Carl Jung said about that.” Everything that irritates us about others can lead to an understanding of ourselves.” Think about this. This is another way to do shadow work.

Notice what irritates you about other people. Looking at yourself, ask yourself when you are journaling. Is this me?

And you understand it is there. You know shadow self can pop up anytime. You take away its power by doing your shadow work and stalking. Those negative attitudes and ideas come from your shadow side.

A good shadow prompt is this one. Forgive yourself. What do you need to forgive yourself for? What do you need to forgive others for?

Shadow Prompt Forgive Yourself

Do I have this trait? Am I seeing this and these other people, because it’s who I am? That’s a hard pill to swallow, but it’s, it’s understanding that will help you move forward.

You see our shadow side reminds us about the pain and the suffering that we have. If we forgive others we need to forgive, we can drop that pain.

Follow your Mission in Life using Affirmations and Shadow Work. Clear your path and climb to a new reality!

Yes, they did whatever they did. If you can forgive them, you can and forgive yourself for having these attitudes. Be compassionate to yourself and others. You can help trash or reduce the power your shadow side has over you.

Your shadow side represents the negative personality traits that we all have.

The shadow side of your personality is the traits you don’t want or don’t like,

Recognize those traits recognize how they affect you. You will take away their power. Now take control of your positive steps forward. Using affirmations, of course, backed up by action.

What are Affirmations?

Shadow Work Worksheet Example

Affirmations are positive, first-person statements of you as you want to act achieving your goals.

They DO NOT have to be true, but Affirmations need action. If you back Affirmations if up by action, you can get the result. If you use an affirmation over and over and you do not take any action behind it, you’re deluding yourself.

Affirmations without action are delusions.

Affirmations WITH action are a winning combination. When you add shadow work and behind affirmations, amazing things happen!

Back your Affirmations with Shadow Work to clear the path. Use Affirmations to climb the path that you have cleared off for your success.

Use Tracking to develop the habit of using your Affirmations daily.

How to use Affirmations

Here is how to use affirmations: Develop positive first-person statements. You have already used them in the past.

I’ve got this; you can do this whenever you were under a lot of pressure. You might have said I’m confident. And I can get this done. You were giving yourself positive self-talk or an affirmation.

I can do this.

I love waking up in the morning.

I love getting lots of work done.

Read this blog to Use Tracking to keep your affirmations supporting daily action.

Make affirmations that speak to anything you want to do.

You want to be more efficient. Do you want to be more effective? Set up some affirmations and set up some goals, do the work on your shadow to clear your path.

Do you want to your work ethic for MORE success?

You want to work harder.

You can use Affirmations like these:

“I work hard every day. I work hard to complete a project and then I take a small break and then I’ll work harder on the project.”

Figure out and use affirmations that help you pump yourself up. and direct that action to complete the goal.

Affirm your Actions for Results you seek!

Affirmations work for any profession. If you are an artist, engineer, anyone in sales, it’s very helpful to pump yourself up before sales calls. And remind yourself, you are good at something. I know a speaker that before every speech he would be talking to a mirror, he’d be saying,

” I’m a great speaker. People want to take action. When they hear me speak, people want to chase their dreams. When they hear me speak, people want to improve themselves. When they hear me speak, they can see the love in my eyes. I can see who I am and that I want to help them. And they want to help themselves because, of what they see in my eyes.”

Firm up your Core Values using Affirmations and Shadow Work.

You want to be saying the right internal self-talk and use affirmations to power that! offers a Self Talk Plan template to help you to work on your shadow.

Self-Talk Plan walks you through your shadow work. Use the journaling areas to set up and complete your daily affirmations for success. Use THIS link to download the Self Talk Plan Template PDF. This is a paid product, it’s $5 or you can Jump into Productivity Pro with 8 Templates for $27!

Use the journal in Balance Life Today for writing Affirmations based on goals you set.

Self Talk Plan is a system to support your Personal Development program.

Affirmations and Shadow Work help you take action in ALL areas.

Use Shadow Work and Affirmations to Clear out negative energy. Speed up your climb to greater success. Download Self Talk Plan HERE

Use Affirmations daily. Affirm a great day 1st thing every morning. Affirm your Goals, To Do List, and your Master to Do List for Life Balance. Affirm anything you are acting on!

Leave your favorite affirmation in the video comments for the tutorial. HERE

Thank you, Paul Hinkle and

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