Use Shadow Work to Sell More

Use Shadow Work to sell more. Do you want more sales? Do you want to make more money? This article will show you how to use Shadow Work to increase your top payoff selling activities.

What are your Shadow and Shadow Work?

The shadow refers to those parts of our personality that we don’t want to acknowledge because they are ugly, shameful, or unacceptable. Carl Jung, a nineteenth-century Psychologist, believed that these dark qualities are present in everyone’s psyche and could be found by exploring one’s own dreams, memories, and desires.

Carl Jung said that your shadow is a part of you that you want to remain hidden.

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Use Shadow Work to sell more. Get yourself to do the high payoff activities needed to achieve sales goals.
Shadow Work and Affirmations will help Achieve Goals

Shadow work is the process you use to minimize or eliminate shadow influences on selling activities.  Your shadow is also known as a dark side influence.  If you are aware of shadow side influences in your life, you can strip them of their power to affect your activities.  When you use shadow work to sell more, you can improve your high payoff selling action, and make more money.

Here is a lesson from the 8 Systems Achieve Goals Course on Shadow Work and Affirmations:

How to create more class A prospects with shadow work:

What internal self-talk stops you from creating the ideal number of class A prospects?

Do you dread prospecting?  When you need to prospect, do you find yourself doing something else?

Do you get a queasy feeling when you must create new qualified prospects?  Does your self-talk give you doubts about your ability to take care of great customers?  Remember that your shadow side is your dark side, the side and you that’s not helpful.  The shadow side loves to sabotage high payoff activities and get in the way of great results for you.

Go here to view a Tutorial for Self-Talk Plan using shadow Work and Affirmations.

How to stop shadow side sabotage of high payoff selling activities.

Examples of shadow side influence on sales: you’ve set up a success formula based on the top producers in your industry.  You’ve decided how many class a prospects, appointments set, and closing interviews you need to lead the country or make a large income for your industry. 

When you need more A prospects: if your self-talk is stopping you from creating your ideal number of prospects, that would be an example of shadow side influence.  You know you need more class A prospects, however, you’re not getting yourself to do the activities that create those prospects.

Use three steps to do shadow work on sabotage of high payoff selling activities:

1. Identify when the shadow side influence shows upUse your journal to answer the question:
When I want to create more class A prospects, I stop myself and about 30% of where I need to be.  My focus goes somewhere else, or I allow other distractions. 
2. Recognize what your shadow is doing to your actions.
These are examples of how to use shadow work to sell more.

When you need more closing interviews with class a prospects:
Recognize, understand, and minimize to increase class A prospect closing interviews.

Recognize when you try to set three closing interviews a day you are stopping at one or two. You have enough class A prospects, to set enough appointments for closing interviews, to meet your goals. What happens in your mind that stops you from setting up the ideal number each day?  

  1. Recognize: Use your journal to write down how you stop yourself from setting those ideal number of class a interviews.
  2. Understand: you have enough class a prospects, understand your shadow side is stopping you and nothing else.  Understand that your dark side is stopping you from being the champion you can be.
  3. Minimize: Laugh your shadow side influence!  It’s some goofy clown trying to mess with you!  Play goofy circus music in your mind to laugh at this dark side clown trying to take away your success.

If you want to make a crazy amount of money and sales, create a success formula that will make it happen.  Do the work activities you identified to make the income you have chosen.  Use shadow work to stop any dark side, or shadow side influences keeping you from completing those work activities.  Watch your sales numbers from your sales activities and build your wealth and success in your industry.

This blog article shows you how Shadow Work and Affirmation work in the 8 Systems Productivity Program.

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