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On Target Goals
Master Class
& Coaching

  • 7h 20min

The On-Target Goals Master Class provides everything you need to set and achieve your goals effectively. By learning and applying the systems and techniques taught in this course, you can transform your life. Use the Workbook & coaching to plan and act daily and achieve the success you’ve always dreamed of.


Course Features
  • 7.33 hours of on-demand video
  • 33 video lessons
  • 218-page Goals to daily action workbook
  • Full lifetime access
  • Coach monitored with phone support 1st year
  • Certificate of Completion

What you’ll learn

  • Prioritize tasks and focus on what’s important, sell more, and manage better.
  • Create an actionable plan to achieve your goals using proven systems.
  • How to define your mission in life and start living a more fulfilling life.
  • Systems to overcome limiting beliefs and negative self-talk that stop you.
  • Measure progress and stay motivated to grow, sell more & manage better.
  • Align your values and purpose with the company mission and core values.
  • Transform your life & achieve the financial success you’ve always dreamed of.
  • How to achieve goals in all areas of your personal and professional life.

Achieve Personal Goals

Improve productivity, saving you time and energy.
Stay highly motivated.
Develop a clear plan and roadmap to achieving exciting goals.
Improve your family, work, finances, spirituality, health, and learning areas of life.

Sell More & Manage Better

Identify and improve management and selling skills.
Follow a daily success formula to continuously improve.
Generate self-motivation to make each day a productive move to achieve goals.
Use systems to sell more and manage better.

On Target Goals Workbook & Coaching Support

Fillable digital Workbook you can use anywhere with a smartphone.
Printable workbook for “old school” use.
Expert coaching support by phone and email.
Coach monitored quizzes to support your use of the Master Class.

Master Class participant essays are reviewed to confirm that users are engaged. Email and phone support will keep users engaged and moving through the class. Master Class members will receive coaching emails to support the continued use of the systems to achieve their personal and professional goals and dreams. Master Class members will have access to phone support.

Master Class members get lifetime access to the Master Class and On Target Goals Workbook. Master Class Members have one-year access to phone support and coach-monitored progress through the goals program.

Download a free copy of Balance Life Today! at: to get on our free coaching list. Use this free workbook to get started on your goals program and sample a lesson from the On Target Goals Master Class.

Individual Master Class members have a 30-day money-back guarantee that is conditional based on completing Balance Life Today! quizzes in the class. Company members can stop their monthly contact at their option.


What People Say About Paul Hinkle –
Do It Now Coach Workshops:

The presentation was excellent! It reinforced the importance of having systems in place, identifying what those systems are, and going back to “refinement” on a regular basis.
Pat Rodriguez
Mary Kay
Sales Director
Very motivating!
Thomas Cherian
City of Austin Housing Authority
The presentation helped me understand I need a goal and a mission.
Margarita Valdez
Account Executive
Re-focused me on what I am truly trying to achieve, so that I can concentrate my efforts on achieving it.
Victor Rodriquez
Kustom Construction

Our Guarantee

Individual purchases are conditionally guaranteed if the first seven quizzes are completed by the user. Quizzes will be reviewed and coaching or a refund will apply.
Company annual plans can be canceled at any time.