This blog is about how to improve management technical skills with systems. Do you want to improve your management technical skills? Do you realize improving your skills can not only help your company grow but can also help you make more money? Be more effective, and be better for your people. Be better for your company. Improve your skills using systems.

Management Technical Skills

Identify your current Management Technical Skills.

Here’s the process: First identify your current management technical skills that you practice at your office and your business.

The importance of technical skills in management is that they help you carry out the company goals.

If you help the company meet its goals, the company will help you meet your goals. Your improvement will help you meet your personal goals.

What are the technical management skills your job requires?

Write a list down the left-hand side of your journal and describe these skills as they apply to your company. There are Six examples of technical management skills that many managers need to practice. They include planning, communication, decision-making, delegation, problem-solving, and motivation. You can list these skills in the left-hand side column of your journal and add any other skills that you can think of that you apply in your business.

importance of technical skills in management

They may fall under planning or communication, decision-making or delegation, problem-solving, motivating, or different skills. Either way, it is fine. You want to have a list of the skills that you practice at your job.

You are identifying the human skills in management that you need to meet personal and company goals.

 List your skills down the left-hand side of your journal. One column over, give yourself a brief description, maybe two sentences of what each one means.

human skills in management

What do you do specifically? Go through each one of those skills you listed. List one or two sentences, whatever describes it.

Now you have accurate descriptions of each of your skills. How should they be reflected or practiced in your current job?

Describe your ideal performance in each skill.

 Describe your human skills in management. Skills you see as being ideal in each of these areas. Journal two or three sentences to describe your ideal practice of the skills in each area you listed. One might say:
I plan six events a year for our organization, drawing in thousands, that come off highly successful. That is your description of your ideal results for planning events.

Human Skills in Management 1

Write a description of the ideal level of performance for each skill you perform.

You have two columns listed to the right of skills. You have the skills required in your job. You have a description of your ideal performance in each of those skills.

Give Yourself a Self-Rating

Look down each skill and give yourself a rating to the right. Rate your current performance to your ideal performance with 1-10 ratings. How well does your current performance compare to your Ideal Performance?

How to Improve Technical Skills in Business Management

When you have given yourself a rating, look at your ratings and ask yourself: “What do I need to do to be rated higher in each of these areas?” Now create an action plan to the right of what you need to do in each area.

Technical Skills in Business Management

Now you have a list of technical skills in business management, what you ideally perform at your current rating of those skills.

How do you put these skills into action? How do you improve them using systems?

Pick the skills you need to add to your daily to-do list. For example, if there are five skills, don’t add all five to your daily to-do list. Work on one or two of these skills. Pick a skill that you need to improve and work on it daily.

Use the Franklin Tracker to Track and Improve Your Results!

Use the Franklin Tracker from Track It Success. On your to-do list, review your Franklin Tracker top item for that week. Here is a blog & video showing you how to use a Franklin Tracker, and others, to improve your Technical Skills in Business Management.

Tracking to Improve Performance and Achieve Goals

A great system for success is tracking. Track yourself at something you’re trying to perform better. Maybe you’re trying to touch your people throughout the day. In other words, talk to your different people throughout the day. How are you measuring touches? Use tracking and check touches off your list in your Daily Review and Plan

Use tracking to Make sure people are progressing.

 Look at the technical skills you need to improve and your rating. Decide what systems you need to use to improve those management technical skills. Do I need to put this on my to-do list every day? Is it already part of my system that I’m improving at it?
Use a Franklin Tracker, which you set up to rotate your daily/weekly focus on the skills. This tracking Focuses you on what to improve to achieve your goals.

Read Franklin’s Autobiography HERE:

Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin Page 109
Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin Page 109

What do you need to track? Do you need to track your activities in your management skills to improve your performance? Do you need to track how often you work on and learn a management skill?

Learn how to use tracking to achieve anything in this blog tutorial:

Ben Franklin Tracker Template from Track It Success, a

Do whatever it takes to perform higher at a higher level. Watch the eight systems Videos or take the course:
 to help you decide which technique you’re going to use.

Identify how you are stopping yourself when working as a manager. What skill do you need to practice better? When do you stop yourself when carrying these skills out?

Use Shadow Work to Eliminate or Reduce Obstacles

Practice some shadow work to stop your negative self-talk from stopping you. Here is how Shadow Work helps you blast through self-imposed obstacles and achieve goals.

Self Talk using Shadow Work and Affirmations

Use Purpose-Driven Mission to Help Your Company Achieve Goals

Do you need to be more committed to the company goals? the company mission and the company values to be more motivated, to improve these management technical skills?


Purpose Power Company Productivity and Mission

In your chart for improvement on your management technical skills. You have identified the skills and your description of those skills.

Your descriptions identify what that skill means.

You’ve given a description of your ideal performance in each skill.

You’ve given yourself a rating of how your current actions compare to your ideal performance description for each skill.

Add a column to schedule the next review.

Ask yourself the questions, and use the systems to achieve your dreams.


Improve your management technical skills systematically! Do the journaling recommended and act! Add value to your skills and help the company AND more value can translate into more income over the long term, a pay raise! Use the eight-systems productivity program to improve your performance, meet the company’s goals and meet your personal goals. Thank you.

The 8 Systems Productivity Course will help use these systems to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals. Guaranteed money back or “personal” coaching!

This Benchmarking Process Improves All Areas of Life
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