This Benchmarking Process Improves All Areas of Life!

You can achieve success in all areas of life using an effective benchmarking process. Whether you want to enhance your financial situation, improve relationships, boost your health, or grow spiritually, benchmarking can be a powerful tool to help you reach your goals. Think of the exciting financial, lifestyle, family, spiritual growth, learning, and health goals you could achieve. Join us as we delve into the benefits, importance, and examples using benchmarking. Discover how you can identify best practices for success.

The Benefits of Benchmarking are proven by businesses every day:

“Organizations that adopt benchmarking as part of their continuous improvement initiatives achieve a 40% higher success rate in meeting their strategic goals.” – (Source: BDO USA)

“Businesses that engage in benchmarking and invest in employee training witness a 15-25% increase in workforce productivity.” – (Source: )

“Companies that implement benchmarking strategies experience an average of 10-20% improvement in overall performance within the first year.” – (Source: American Productivity and Quality Center)

Benchmarking Process

“Organizations that adopt benchmarking as part of their continuous improvement initiatives achieve a 40% higher success rate in meeting their strategic goals.” – (Source: BDO USA)

“By benchmarking customer service practices, companies have seen an average increase of 20% in customer satisfaction and loyalty.” – (Source: Bain & Company)

“Technology-focused benchmarking has resulted in a 30% reduction in IT-related costs for companies that actively apply the findings to optimize their processes.” – (Source: InformationWeek)

The Benchmarking Process:

The benchmarking process is the comparison of current results to a chosen standard. Benchmarking has numerous benefits, offering both rewards and insight into your progress.

It enables you to compare your current performance against your set standard, or key Performance In providing motivation and guidance toward your objectives. By bringing awareness to your actions, benchmarking helps you identify areas that require improvement, leading to positive habit changes and increased success. Use the benchmarking process to improve your Family life, Work, Finances, Spiritual, Physical and Health, and Learning.

Process Benchmarking vs. The Process of Benchmarking

The Process of Benchmarking is the steps needed to benchmark any area of life.
1. Identify the Area for improvement.
2. Determine Key Performance indicators (KPI).
What are you measuring your current performance against?
3. Gather KPI numbers or data.
4. Compare your Performance and analyze what adjustments are needed.

Process Benchmarking is comparing your processes with successful same-sector companies or other sources.

Types of Benchmarking:

There are three primary types of benchmarking: performance, process, and strategic. Performance benchmarking involves comparing your results against performance over time to see if there is an improvement. The process benchmarking definition focuses on comparing the steps you’re taking with those of others to ensure you’re on the right path. Lastly, strategic benchmarking helps you position yourself for success by aligning with key performance indicators (KPIs) that lead to your desired outcomes.

Benchmark using the Goals-to-Action Workbook, Balance Life Today! Identify your Keys to Success for each area of life on page 10, Balance Plan. Use the benchmarking form below to measure current results against your Keys to Success or Key Performance Indicators for each area.

Benchmarking information comes from tracking. Here is an article on tracking: Use To-Do List Template and Tracking to Achieve Goals.

Benchmarking Examples:

To understand the benchmarking process better, let’s consider some examples:

Sales – There will be a formula of Prospects, Appointments, Presents, Closes, and Sales numbers. A sales formula example is 100 prospects, 10 calls, 3 appointments, equals 1 sale. You want to measure your performance to a known successful sales formula or road to the sale.  
If you aim to improve your financial situation, use KPIs such as tracking savings, monthly contributions, and cash flow from investments, ultimately working towards a target goal, that makes you financially free.

The Benchmarking Form:

Get started with benchmarking. You can use a benchmarking form tailored to your life’s most important areas. This Benchmarking form will enable you to track and measure your key performance indicators and monitor your progress over time. The benchmarking process includes regularly updating the form. This Benchmarking process gives you a clear view of your development towards your goals.

BENCHMARKING FORM used in the benchmarking process

Identifying Best Practices:

To identify the best practices for success in any area, consider your goals and the necessary steps to achieve them. Research and find out what others have done to succeed in similar areas, and use benchmarking to measure and improve those key actions.

The best Practices for any area of life can be identified by referring to your Beautiful Picture journaling for each area of life. If you look at this journaling you do on page 8 of Balance Life Today! , you will be able to determine KPIs to measure your progress against.

Track It! Success! is System 7 of the On Target Goals 8-Systems Goals Program. Use tracking to provide data for your Benchmarking Process. This video gives you tracking systems to improve habits, sales, and productivity.

A complete benchmarking process guide can be found here:

Practical Application of the Benchmarking Process:

  1. Go to page 8 of Balance Life Today! (Use your On Target Goals PDF Workbook or download Balance Life Today! free at: Do the 5 sentence journaling to set up your path to success or support current results in a chosen area.
    2. Go to page 10, Your Balance Plan. Write three key actions for success in the area you chose to improve or support great results. Your Keys to success are your KPIs or Key Performance Indicators for the chosen area.
    3. Go to your Benchmarking Form from the bottom left link on the index page To improve or support great results, compare your key to success activities you have carried out to the Beautiful pictures you journaled. Give yourself a rating or progress measurement compared to the activities necessary to make your Beautiful Pictures a reality.
Benchmarking Process Beautiful Pictures
Beautiful Pictures page 8 Balance Life Today!
Benchmarking Process for All Areas
Balance Plan page 10 Balance Life Today!
Benchmarking Process Form
Benchmarking Form from the bottom left icon on the index page.


Incorporating the benchmarking process into your life can be transformative, helping you in all areas. By setting clear goals, identifying key performance indicators, and monitoring your progress through benchmarking, you’ll be on the path to continuous growth and improvement.

If you want to learn more about how to use benchmarking effectively and revolutionize your life, consider exploring the “On Target Goals Workbook and Course” or joining the “On Target Goals Masterclass and Coaching Program” at Remember, benchmarking is a robust process that can lead you to success in every aspect of your life. Embrace it and watch your dreams become reality. Thank you for joining us today!

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