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    Balance Life Today!


    Balance Life Today! is a free PDF Goals-to-Daily Action Workbook – and downloading it is as easy as putting it in your cart, viewing the cart, and checking out with your name and email. Balance Life Today! helps you pinpoint specific areas to improve or maintain results such as Family, Work, Financial, Spiritual, Physical and Health, or Learning. Plus, this download includes free coaching emails to help you on your journey. Get your copy today!

  • On Target Goals Master Class


    The Master Class is 33 videos, 6 and 3/4 hours
    Master class members learn:

    On Target Master Class Features and Benefits:

    1. To-Do List Template
    – Prioritize tasks and manage time effectively.
    – Stay organized and avoid feeling overwhelmed.
    – Increase productivity and focus on important tasks.

    2. Balance Life Today
    – Assess and improve life balance to prevent burnout.
    – Prioritize self-care and maintain energy for success.
    – Manage time effectively for work, family, and hobbies.

    3. Values
    – Identify personal values and align goals with them.
    – Stay true to your beliefs and make meaningful decisions.
    – Stay motivated and focused on what matters most.

    4. Live Your Mission Today
    – Define your purpose and take daily actions towards it.
    – Stay focused on your mission and maintain motivation.
    – Integrate your purpose into daily habits for lasting change.

    5. Dream Goal Planner
    – Visualize and plan for your long-term goals.
    – Prioritize goals and focus on what’s important.
    – Stay motivated, celebrate achievements, and enjoy the journey.

    6. Self-Talk Plan
    – Use positive self-talk and affirmations for self-confidence.
    – Overcome limiting beliefs and remove mental barriers.
    – Maintain a growth mindset and daily success habits.

    7. Track It Success
    – Monitor progress, stay motivated, and avoid setbacks.
    – Build good habits and eliminate bad ones.
    – Use data to improve your approach and achieve better results.

    8. Purpose-Driven Mission
    – Align personal mission with the company for a greater purpose.
    – Find meaning in your work and contribute to something larger.
    – Stay engaged, focused, and committed to your goals.

    9. 8 Productivity Systems
    – Combines all sections for easy daily use.
    – Act daily on important goals and projects.
    – Improve various aspects of life, from family to finances and health.

    10. Convenient Access
    – Access the master class on your smartphone anywhere.
    – Carry the systems with you for daily implementation.

    These features and benefits of the On Target Master Class will help you prioritize tasks, balance life effectively, align goals with values and purpose, achieve dreams, improve self-talk, track progress, stay motivated, and boost overall productivity.


  • To do List Template Free

    To Do List Template

    To Do List Template
    Use a To Do List to hold yourself accountable and Achieve Goals
  • To-Do List Template

    To Do List UPGRADE


    Get MORE done to Achieve Goals each day with To-Do List Template UPGRADE. Manage 20 detailed projects or goals with the 20 Plans of Action included in this tool.  Instead of SCROLLING, Achieve Goals and make your Dreams Reality with a To Do List and 20 Action Plans on your Smartphone.

  • Work Life Balance with Journal

    Balance Life Today! UPGRADE


    Work Life Balance with Journal

    This UPGRADE gives you a 20 pane journal. Use this digital journal as an option for social scrolling. 6 Plans of Action help you manage projects, plans, and even people!

  • Sale!

    On Target Goals Action Plan Workbook PDF

    Original price was: $50.00.Current price is: $37.00.

    On Target Goals Action Plan Workbook & Course. The course will train and quiz you on the application of each Lesson. The Workbook is 8 systems to manage yourself to continue forward Achieve Your Dreams, Goals, and be productive daily. Each lesson teaches a system for Personal Development and Productivity.  Hold yourself accountable with the application quizzes for each Lesson.  Buy the On Target Goals Action Plan Workbook for $37 ( 33% off! $50 Value!)

  • Core Values Power your Success

    Values Power Success!

    Core Values power success
    Pick Core Values that guarantee you a great chance to achieve goals.

    Pick the Core Values that help you achieve what you REALLY want! This convenient tool helps you get results instead of just scrolling.

  • How to write a Mission Statement

    Live Your Mission Today!


    Identify and write your Mission statement for daily action. This Template walks you through the steps to a powerful Mission Statement.

    Identify your Mission Statement and
    plan Mission-Driven actions.
  • Goal Setting Worksheet

    Dream Goal Planner

    Goal Setting Worksheet
    Dreams become Reality using this Template.

    Dream Goal Planner is a complete goal-setting workshop on your device. This Template helps you build a LARGE inventory of Dreams and Goals to work from. This PDF walks you through creating the Dreams and Goals that build your life.

  • Shadow Work and Affirmations

    Self Talk Plan

    Shadow Work and Affirmations
    Shadow Work and Affirmations will help Achieve Goals.

    Manage your Self Talk with Shadow Work and Affirmations using this PDF. Shadow Work clears your path. Affirmations help power your climb to success.

  • Tracking Creates Results

    Track It Success!


    time management achieve goalsMultiply Habits that work for you. Make more money, live healthily, and be happy. Track and improve results using Track It Success Template.

  • Purpose Driven Companies

    Purpose Driven Mission

    Purpose Driven Companies
    How Employee Purpose and Values can power the Company Mission and Core Values.

    This Template helps you: Discover your Purpose and Core Values. Understand your company’s Mission and Core Values. Synchronize your Purpose and Values with Company Mission and Core Values.

  • Achieve Goals with 8 Systems



    8 Productivity Systems includes key worksheets and Plans of Action from To-Do List Template, Balance Life Today, Values Power Success, Live Your Mission Today, Dream Goal Planner, Self-Talk Plan, Track it Success, and Purpose-Driven Mission. Use these combined 8 Systems and Achieve Your Goals!

  • Company Mission Core Values

    Purpose Driven Mission Workshop


    Purpose-Driven Mission is proven to grow profits, retain employees. and improve customer service and satisfaction. In this 1.45 hour video workshop, participants work on each step to discover their personal Purpose and identify their Values. Participants will understand the Company’s Mission and Values. Participants align their Purpose and Values with the Company’s Mission and Core Values for a win-win.

  • Productivity Balance Workshop


    In this 1 hour video workshop, attendees set goals and set up a personal system for daily productivity.  These systems for goal setting, daily action, and results are proven and time-tested. Attendees will identify and begin to achieve their important goals.
    Goal and action-focused employees will reward you with more sales, better management, high customer satisfaction, Happier employees, and Higher profitability.
    Includes To-Do List Template UPGRADE and Balance Life Today UPGRADE
    $29 per person.

  • Profits Productivity Group

    Profits & Productivity Coaching Mastermind


    Profits & Productivity Coaching Group – Are you serious about achieving your goals? Profits Group may be right for you. You pay less than $1 a day for coaching to achieve your goals and dreams. You get over 25 hours a year of office hours by group video conference. All questions are answered and achieved for future reference. Meetings are all recorded, indexed, and archived for Group members’ reference. There is a Mastermind Forum where questions will be answered by other members as well as Do It Now Coach. Join the Office hours meetings for an hour plus every other week. Submit questions ahead of the meeting and during. Use the forum anytime for input from this wonderful resource.  Includes a Legacy Workshop Archive of 26 Audio Workshops for Profits members to use with their group or team that are signed up with Free Coaching at Do It Now Coach! 23 Hours of Sales, Management, and Personal Development Workshops with fillable PDF Workbooks.