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Download Balance Life Today
Free fillable PDF Goal Plan, Master To-Do & Daily To-Do Action System

This free download, blog, and video tutorial will help you set and achieve goals. This Template is a fillable PDF where you can journal, plan, and manage a to-do list or project plan. Use Balance Life Today as a guide to setting important, life-changing goals, in ALL areas. Create a Master To-Do List for life! and a daily action To-Do List.
The UPGRADE includes a 20-pane journal and 6 Plan of action templates.

Achieve Goals with PDF templates from
Do It Now Coach.

Download To Do List Template HERE. Use your daily To-Do List to setup and act to achieve goals. Blog and Video tutorials walk you through each step to a powerful daily to-do list.
The Pro Bundle includes the UPGRADE for To Do List Template ($37 HERE) .
But the UPGRADE with 20 Action Plan Templates for $5. (HERE)

Use Values Power Success to choose and use the Values that will power you to achieve goals and dreams. Create a set of Values specifically supporting YOUR goals and dreams.
Values Power Success is included in the Pro Bundle or
available HERE for $5.

Your Mission in Life will describe your life and how you lived. Discover your BIG WHY, Your Destiny, Your
Purpose or Mission in Life! Mission Directed
people create Powerful results across
ALL areas of Life!
Live your Mission Today and Achieve
DREAMS! Buy the Pro Bundle or buy it separately
for $5 (HERE)

Dream Goal Planner Template helps you set life goals down to daily action. Dream Goal Planner is a complete goal-setting workshop that takes you from Dreams to detailed plans of Action to make any dream reality.
Get the Pro Bundle or buy it separately (HERE).

Expand your ability to Achieve Goals with Self Talk Plan Template. Self Talk Plan helps you manage your internal communication and motivation. This PDF is convenient and makes it easy. Negative or shadow side self talk can stop you from taking action to achieve goals. Use this Template to reduce or eliminate negative internal self talk. This Template also teaches you to use Affirmations to support your positive actions forward. Buy it in the Pro Bundle or separately for $5.

Tracking can make you MORE successful in ANY area. Use Track It Success Template on your smartphone for convenience. Track, monitor and improve. Track bad habits to reduce those activities. Track your good Habit to increase those actions. If you can Track It, You can improve it! Buy Track It Success Template in the Pro Bundle or for $5 HERE.

Establish your Purpose or Mission in Life and use it to support your Company. This Template walks you through the process of synchronizing your personal Values and Purpose with the Company’s Mission and Core Values. Purpose Driven Companies outperform same sector companies according to Kornferry Research. Available separately for $5 (HERE) or included in Productivity Bundle.

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Feedback at Paul Hinkle Workshops

Some examples of the feedback from attendees of Paul Hinkle’s seminars.

A very good message with tangible ideas to improve one’s life on a daily and long-term basis.
W. Wendell Hall
Fulbright & Jaworski LLP

You made me think about where I am going in my life and what my purpose is.
Lisa Polk
Director of Sales
Concise and inspirational, clear instructions on how to start motivating others.
Mary Ann Obregon
Revenue Analyst

To become more focused as to what my mission is, so that I can be better at my industry.
Amy Shipman
Division Manager
To Do List Template
Achieve Goals Work Life Balance with Journal
Achieve Goals

Productivity Balance Workshop

  • Organize goals in all areas of life for work-life balance
  • Create more sales with higher gross profits
  • Improve business results because of upgraded goals
  • Higher commitment to your company and family
  • Improve customer service and satisfaction
  • Improve yourself and improve your company
  • You will be better because you will aim higher

$29 Take this 1 hour video workshop anytime, available when you need it.

Purpose-Driven Mission Workshop

$59 1:10 Hour Video Workshop for anytime viewing

  • Grow profits because of employee commitment
  • Improve customer satisfaction and repeat business
  • Participants identify their personal Values
  • Align personal values with company Core Values
  • Participants will identify their Purpose or Mission
  • Align personal Purpose with the Company Mission
  • Improve yourself and improve your company
  • You will be better because you will aim higher