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Company Productivity Balance

$99.00 for 1 year

Achieve goals and help your company achieve its goals!
Company Productivity Balance is an annual subscription productivity program. This program is designed to help participants set goals and set up systems to follow through daily. Included are:
Weekly E-coaching, 8 Productivity Systems, Productivity Pro Course, Productivity Balance Workshop, Purpose Driven Mission Workshop. The program also includes access to 26 Legacy Workshop Audios with Worksheets.
Actionable: Each Lesson has smartphone PDF Templates for daily action.
Goals are achieved when backed up with systems for daily application and action.
Cancel this subscription anytime, but why would you?



  • Weekly E-coaching- Coaching emails weekly to support daily action on goals.
  • 8 Productivity Systems- These are fillable PDF Templates for journaling, planning, and acting daily.
  • Productivity Pro Course- This course provides lessons, tutorials, and quizzes supporting daily action using templates.
  • Productivity Balance Workshop- This workshop is a deep-dive application for Balance Life Today and To-Do List Upgrade.
  • Purpose Driven Mission Workshop- This workshop helps align personal Purpose and Values with the Company’s Mission and Core Values.
  • 26 Legacy Workshop Audios- Over 21 hours of paid workshops with Worksheets for smartphone journaling and application.
    The 8 Productivity Systems are:
  • To-Do List Template UPGRADE
  • Balance Life Today Template UPGRADE
  • Values Power Success Template
  • Live Your Mission Today Template
  • Dream Goal Planner Template
  • Self-Talk Plan Template
  • Track It Success Template
  • Purpose Driven Mission Template
  • 8 Productivity Systems Combined Template