8-Systems Coaching and Workshops


Achieve goals and help your company achieve its goals!
8-Systems Coaching and Workshops is an annual subscription productivity program. This program is designed to help participants set goals and set up systems to follow through daily. Included are:
Over 10 hours plus videos application and quarterly review Workshops. Weekly E-coaching, 8 Productivity Systems, Productivity Pro Course. The program also includes access to 26 Legacy Workshop Audios with Worksheets.
Actionable: Lessons are all in one easy-use spreadsheet for daily action.
Goals are achieved when backed up with systems for daily application and action.



  • 12 Real-time Video Workshops to add each System to achieve goals.
  • Weekly E-coaching- Coaching emails weekly to support daily action on goals.
  • 8 Productivity Systems- Comes in Excel or Google Sheets, and fillable PDF Templates for journaling, planning, and acting daily.
  • Productivity Pro Course- This course provides lessons, tutorials, and quizzes supporting daily action using templates.
  • Productivity Balance Workshop- This workshop is a deep-dive application for Balance Life Today and To-Do List Upgrade.
  • Purpose-Driven Mission Workshop- This workshop helps align personal Purpose and Values with the Company’s Mission and Core Values.
  • 26 Legacy Workshop Audios- Over 21 hours of paid workshops with Worksheets for smartphone journaling and application.
    The 8 Productivity Systems are:
  • To-Do List Template UPGRADE
  • Balance Life Today Template UPGRADE
  • Values Power Success Template
  • Live Your Mission Today Template
  • Dream Goal Planner Template
  • Self-Talk Plan Template
  • Track It Success Template
  • Purpose Driven Mission Template
  • 8 Productivity Systems Combined Template